Apsara's Dance

Why walk when you can dance through life? This is what Joy Harris asks one day when she realizes there's no joy left in her life.

Apsara's Dance is visionary fiction that guides men and women to purposeful, soulful and blissful lives. It is a contemporary, inspirational story about the challenges of life and love in today's global world. It gives tools for spiritual growth at the same time it empathizes with its reader where he or she is right now.

"We are love and therefore we do not lack anything", the author points out.

Apsara's Dance is a triumph for the transformative power of genuine love. Loving someone else and being loved helps us to love ourselves. Life is actually quite unbelievable, which is why having faith is the hardest part.

Get to know yourself, learn to love yourself, and encourage yourself to grow. If you are lucky, you might be able to share the growth process with someone special.

Apsara's Dance is now available on Amazon as a paperback and in Kindle format. Download a free Kindle reading application to your computer or phone. Get help in Finnish to download the Reader.

Read the reviews of Apsara's Dance by the readers:

"In Apsara's dance, the writer manages to capture the difficulty of balancing one's dreams in life. Every life is a tragedy, and every life is an amazing gift. How is one supposed to live it? Or is there any answer to that? This guide book for life works perfectly as a fictional story because there cannot be a simple step-by-step guide. Why? Because nobody should be told how to live one's life. Otherwise it is not theirs anymore. J.M. Davies' debut novel shows her sensitive and intelligent way of experiencing the mind and body as a perfectly harmonious combination. But her teaching does not end there. She points out through relations of the main character with others, that we are very much related to others: our loved ones, our duties, and the outside world as a whole. This book helped me to see that happiness is not all about me. It is about all of us. And happiness is not all about enjoyment. It is a mature, harmonious combination of realities, respect, balance, passion, thankfulness and joy.

I have never read a book which can guide the reader so gently, without giving a single lecture or piece of advice. J.M. Davies has a true talent of changing people's lives in an effortless, relieving way. She does not preach but just smiles at the reader silently. But this does not mean that the book is full of sunshine. Quite the opposite. I recommend this book to everyone, noticing that it can be interpreted in several ways. Read it as a fiction book with no deeper meaning, read it as a mirror to a young woman's heart, read it as a guide for more happiness in life for those of us who don't feel comfortable about self-help books. Or as a powerful novel of a life coach, who has a vision, passion and energy to make a dream life come true. Read more on Amazon."

Johanna has also written Lighten Up To Be Enlightened!, a self-help book that came out on the 29th of August 2015 and which is based on her coaching experience and the blog enjoying the joy. "It starts from accepting yourself and life as it is but not necessarily accepting it as the unchangeable truth."

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