Fun, health and meaning through arts (literature), sport (yoga and dance), and increased awareness (coaching)!
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At Virtuous Arts we believe that anything can happen if we let it, and we'll help you to believe and live that true in your own life through our services. Virtuous Arts offers inspirational coaching to help you create your dream life. Virtuous Arts helps you to stay fit and feel better through dancing and yoga. Virtuous Arts encourages you to read and write in order to understand yourself and the world better. Virtuous Arts also helps you to enjoy the joy of living after you have reached your goals so that you won't need to create new problems in order to evolve, but you can rather put your effort into sharing your love with the world around you. Virtuous Arts allows you to discover and fulfill your dreams in a simple – yet effective – way by shining light on you.

Thank You for taking time to come to visit Virtuous Arts. My sincere wish is that we will meet in person and create something beautiful together.

You can also learn about our services in Finnish. Before you go, I'd like to clarify to you our top 5 values: awareness, joy, love, inspiration and creativity. We hope to inspire our clients to reach their goals – which ultimately are to feel genuine joy and to share our love with the world – through awareness and creativity.

Yours Truly,
J.M. Davies

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"Johanna is one of those people whose mere presence encourages you to follow your dreams. Along with her natural radiance and warmth she knows the best methods and tricks of the trade to help you turn your dreams into plans and further into reality. Thanks to Johanna, I have arranged my life so that everything I do supports my true calling. I am heading towards my dream life."

You will have a chance to dig deep into your dreams with the help of a certified motivational coach, and use your time and energy efficiently to guide you to the direction of your dream life. Please contact for further information and booking via e-mail: info at We are also delighted to hear your feedback about the courses and private sessions. We would also like to know your wishes for future cooperation.

Our wish is that you'll join our community of virtuous artists – whether you are a professional artist or someone who wishes to live a more creative and joyful life. Let's increase fun in the world together through arts, sports and spirituality in a virtuous way!

"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching." – Mahatma Gandhi

Virtuous Arts is based on J.M. Davies' philosophy of creative realism. Creative realism means that we acknowledge our current reality as truthfully as it is but not accepting it as an unchangeable reality. Instead, according to creative realism we use the current reality as a clay to mold our lives into a desirable future. Virtuous Arts inspires and supports you in a holistic way at whatever stage you are in life or wherever your artistic path has lead you so far. Our mission is to increase virtuous fun and joyful meaning in the world through arts, sport and increased awareness!